What is Astrology

Astrology is the ancient science of verdict correlation among those of us on the Earth and the universe. It follows the patterns of association by the planets and stars and assigns meanings to them that relate to human motivation and perception. Astrology is not a simple meaning like what you read in the horoscope segment of the newspaper. A true astrological reading to takes into account not only the Sun sign (what you get in the paper), but the placements of all the planets of our solar system and sometimes other celestial bodies as well in relation to your birth time. When all these meanings are compiled, it becomes a very complex and detailed description of a person’s profile.


Learn Indian Vedic Astrology

The olden knowledge on astrology and use of remedies can be traced backside to centuries. Jyothi means brightness or light. Ish means God. Jyotish means lord of the brightness. Vidya means understanding of a subject. Jyotish Vidya is the learn of all aspects of planets and personality-The Sun and the Moon. Jyotish Vidya (Indian Astrology) is prevalent and appropriate for the assistance to human being from time immemorial and its source can be traced to the origin of existence through the mythological and spiritual revelations. Hindu gods and their incarnations were using this knowledge as found in Hindu religion books known as epics. Likewise, we find the declaration of predictions by knowledgeable people having divine knowledge.


How to Match a Horoscope before Marriage ?

Marriages are arranged in heaven' is an old saying. If this is true then is there any need to match the horoscopes before proceeding for the marriage. Yes, it is almost necessary because ancient saints by virtue of their knowledge have found out the factors responsible for disturbances in a married life which otherwise ought to be smooth. They have also revealed the remedial measures to bring the train back on the track.

Whenever, we go to astrologer for matching the horoscope of marriageable boy and girl, we simply ask him to confirm about the number of points (gunas) available in the horoscope of both. When the number exceeds more than 18 out of a total of 36, we become sure that matching is satisfactory. More the numbers more the satisfaction. We do not go beyond that except the Manglik Dosh. Even most of the astrologers generally approve this theory and nod for the marriage. But practically, this is not the only criteria for a successful marriage, I my self have seen the lack of harmony and availability of disturbance in married life of couples who have scored 28 or 32 gunas out of 36. They or their parents raise fingers on the sanctity of the ancient art of astrology. So, whenever marriage is considered, the natal charts of the would-be bride and groom should be thoroughly evaluated for a happy married life. Now let us start from the importance of Gunas.

As per Indian Astrology texts, if Bhakoota is auspicious, it ensures successful marriage. Gunas are matched on the basis of Ashtkoota. Bhakoota is 7th in the Ashtkoota. Bhakoota is directly related to the mental plane of husband and wife. Bhakoota are known as:

    1st and 7th place relation
    2nd and 12th place relation
    3rd and 11th place relation
    4th and 10th place relation
    5th and 9th place relation
    6th place relation

Combination at S. No. a), c) and d) are considered to be auspicious for matching compatibility. Birth signs of 1st and 7th place from each other get a happy married life blessed with good children.

Similarly placement of birth signs found in 3rd and 11th place from one another's birth signs bestows financially stability and prosperity in married life. Similarly, if birth signs are in 4th and 10th place the relations will be cordial. As already discussed, other than ashtkoota Milan, the house and planets of both horoscopes must be interpreted properly to ensure smooth life. In other article I shall not discuss the manglik/kuj dosha which appears in a horoscope if Mars is posited in 1,4,7,8 or 12 house of a natal chart.

Separation Doesn't Mean End of Love

Yes, this may sound strange, but it has been noticed that couples have commonly soft corner for each other and hidden sweet memories of their past lives they have lived together. Spontaneous decision at the heat of the moment may force a person to declare, "I do not love you anymore" or "I am leaving." but soon he or she may perceive that this announcement has disturbed every aspect of their lives and now they may be speculating if they can keep their cool and balance. Of course reason of separation may be anything-doubt, confusion or misunderstanding- if you find yourself in such unwanted situation; you might be feeling scared and confused, not knowing what to do next. And the truth is that you are not alone. You will find lot of other people who are not willing to discuss this problem openly with others and are totally indecisive 'I do not know what to do. My marriage boat is rocking. It can sink any moment?

List of reasons for getting separated may be quite long. It may be rough and violent behaviors with each other, interference of third person in the relation, doubts on the character of each other, weak financial position of husband, wife not willing to live in joint family, excessive intervention of mother-in-law and so on.

It is easy to break relations but it is tough to prolong and maintain any relation. Understanding each other is the key to safeguard the relations. Married relations are more sensitive and continuous efforts are required to sustain this relation. Husband and wife may come from different set up of families. They may have different choices, attitudes and diverse level of thinking. Then how this relation can be continued smoothly? Even in case of love marriage where the loving pair has ample chances before marriage to consider and judge each other's level of thinking, attitude and habits, complain of disharmony in married life. Such couples are not forced to marry but they themselves opt to go for marriage as they find compatibility in the attitudes and behavior of each other. Where is the slip then?

Overlook the shortcomings of each others. Every person has shortcomings. Do not highlight these inadequacies. Sit and think what precisely is going wrong. Is there something else that your partner wants to reveal but is not willing to express to you? It may also be possible that you are totally in the dark about what is going on.

Conversation is the key to resolve such matters. You should not hesitate and immediately take initiative to discuss the problems with your partner. At least you should know the cause of the issue. Communication gap should not be allowed to spoil the relations. Every couple is capable to resolving their disputes and misunderstandings with mutual dialogues. Third party interference should never be permitted in any case. Third party may be some friend or some important dear relations. Such intrusion will surely spoil the situation and may even kill the marriage permanently.

Rather you can visit a Marriage Counselor and get his valuable suggestions. Acting upon the advice of an expert, you may have to compromise something. Though, it may be a tough task, but do not forget, you are saving your marriage, yourself and lot as well.

Nothing will work as good as your own efforts and understanding. You should be true and honest while attempting to solve the issues. This route requires patience and determination. You should also be ready to change and adjust yourself in the situation. If sustained efforts in positive directions are made, things will work out for the better.

Sometimes, it has been observed that separation provides the necessary space to the couples to re-think about the relations in a positive way and helps a couple to come out of the mess. This space helps them to bring the necessary changes in themselves making way for reconciliation. Separation in married life is curse for the children. Such couples should not forget their responsibilities towards their children. Children also have a difficult time dealing with a separation when one parent is suddenly absent. Whether the separation is a matter of choice or necessity, it is critical to talk with your kids about it. In such cases, you should spend time with your children. Reassure them that both parents still love them. Remember, your children are also suffering along with you due to marriage separation.

Keep a positive attitude. It is very easy to get depressed in such situations.


Love and sacrifice plays key role in any relation. Married relations require more of these.

Be responsible, considerate and dutiful.

Have patience. If you think you are at fault try every effort to set your self right. Do not highlight the shortcomings of your partner.
If extra marital affairs are destroying the relations, try to find out the reasons forcing your partner to establish such relations. Love and affection shall always win.

Astrologers face such queries daily in abundance. Generally, malefic planets in seventh, second, fourth or eighth house of a horoscope causes separation or married life problems.

Marriage and Relationship Problems

With the advancement of education and technology, the numbers of marriage related problems have also increased manifolds. Main reason which contributes to this problem is high expectations from married life in terms of materialistic approach.The following problems are generally experienced in the married life of a couple:

 Lack of mental compatibility i.e. lack of understanding between the two;

Delay in marriage

Husband harassing the woman on one or other context

Woman not obedient i.e. creating unnecessary atmosphere

Man may be physically weak

Woman may have problem in conceiving

Man may have understanding with his wife but not with his In-laws.

Woman may not like to live with her in-laws;

There is understanding between husband and wife but they are not living together i.e. man has to go far away for earning the bread

There is understanding between the two, but due to feeble financial position, woman is not happy

I shall now discuss the importance of seventh house in interpreting the married life status of an individual. In order to interpret 7th house, the following issues should be taken care of:

Look at the 7th house. Planets placed in 7th house. If natural benefic are placed in 7th house, the result will be auspicious. If natural malefic planets are posited in 7th house, result will be inauspicious. Marriage will be delayed and problems will be experienced in finding out a suitable spouse.

Now look at the lord of 7th house. If the lord of 7th house is aspecting its own house, i.e. 7th house, there will be harmony in married life.

If natural malefic planets are aspecting 7th house, there will be delay in marriage.

8th house in horoscope indicates longevity of the spouse. This should be interpreted carefully. If malefic planets are placed in 8th house, re-think before proceeding further. But if the malefic planets are posited in 8th house of both (boys and girl) the effect is cancelled and their match can be considered.

Jupiter, being significator (Karak) for marriage always plays important role and favors marriage during its transit in particular houses in horoscope.

Mars in the horoscope of girl in another important planet to consider harmony and happiness in the married life. This should also be interpreted carefully.

Similarly, Venus plays important role in the horoscope of boy.

Tenth house represents in-laws and third house brother-in-laws and sister-in laws. The position of the planets in horoscope representing these houses shows good or bad relations with in-laws.

Woman doubts her husband integrity and feels sick due to her husband's affair with other woman. (Sometimes, man has no intention like this, but due to his work- environment, he may have the unavoidable company of woman which creates suspense in the mind of woman. Here sometimes, woman's doubt may be true or it may be simply wrong depending on the history of each case.

Case opposite to situation stated in the above said last paragraph.

It is always advisable to consult an astrologer before marriage.

What are the remedies to early marriage or avoid delaying in marriage

Maa Katyani Vrat for Early Marriage

One of our readers has desired to know the method of worshiping Maa Katyaani who is the giver of married life bliss. Our readers may also like to know the same.

The general purpose of Maa Katyaani Pooja is to pray the Goddess for the early or timely marriage of an individual mostly girl. Even the boy who is facing such problems is suggested to perform this puja to get the favorable results.

There are enormous reasons for a delayed marriage in a horoscope- may it be Manglik dosh or debilitated seventh house, a weak Jupiter or aspect of malefic planets on the seventh house or on Jupiter and so on. Even the married couples facing problems in their married life are recommended to perform this Puja to resolve their problems.

It is said that Katyani Vrat was done by Rukmini and she got Lord Krishna as her husband after completion of the Udyapana.

This Vrata is performed for seven consecutive Tuesdays. A photograph of Maa Katyani is placed at a sacred place in your house. You should face North or East or North East while performing Puja. A coconut, a red coloured cloth (which is used by a lady) and a Mangalsutra is required. These items should be placed before the photograph. Some Prasad along with other usual puja items like flowers, kukum, paan, cow ghee, gandh, agarbatti and akshat etc. are also required.

Katyani Strotam or Katyani Vrat Katha is to be chanted early in the morning after taking bath, Red dress should be worn. Katyani Strotam book is available from any Religious Book Store. Fast is to be observed with the prayers to the Goddess for the fulfillment of your desire. In the evening, you can take some sweet/fruits with milk.

Udyapana should be done later on the 8th week by inviting 7 Married Ladies. Their blessing should be obtained after offering them meal with sweet dish, prasad and clothes etc. Red blouse piece should also be given. In South India, seven pieces of Sugar cane branch is also given to each lady.

In-Laws Problem in Marriage / Marital life

My mother-in-law always interferes in our personal matters`

My mother-in-law has ruined our married life`

My husband always listen to my mother-in-law, it appears I have no place in taking any important decision of my own life`

These are the common comments of daughter-in-laws we often hear. Even son, sometimes, unwillingly complains about his mother's dominating behavior which changes substantially after his marriage. This is really a critical situation for many newly married couples. The daughter-in-law, who is totally new member in her law's house, fails to collect enough courage to speak against the atrocities of her mother-in- law. Son, on the other hand, finds it very embarrassing to speak against his own mother in the presence of his wife and other family members. The couple has to bear it silently unless the situation becomes explosive. In such cases, the relations are adversely effected. In some case, the excess meddling of in-laws become the cause of divorce. In countries, where joint family system still persists, newly wed couples undergo pain and agony in their otherwise smooth life due to this meddling. Even marriage counselors admit that such issues need to be discussed and dealt with care.

Why mother-in-law interferes in her own sons` married life. Generally mother-in-law thinks that she has more right on her son life compared to his wife. She has brought him up right from the childhood. She has better understanding with his son and as such she can guide him in better way even after marriage. Some mothers are very dominating and force their children to lead their life in the manner she dictates. In such circumstances, son does not collect enough courage to speak against her mother. Even if he dares, her wife has to bear all the brunt.

Even if mother is careful in the childhood with her children, she fails to understand where to place herself after the marriage of her own children, particularly, after the marriage of son.

The situation becomes more serious in reverse case i.e. when mother interferes in her own daughters married life. This experience is also very common and yields more serious results.

Actually, this appears to be the conflict of rights. Mother wants to prove her right over her son and wife tries to prove her right more than her mother-in-law on her husband. Mother-in-law never regards her daughter-in-law as daughter and daughter-in-law do not wish to give the status of mother to her mother-in-law. She does not tolerate any kind of intervention in her married life. She wants to lead her own life in her own way.

It has been observed, that the wives think some sort of competition with their mothers-in-law. The level of competition is even bigger if the husband grew up to be very close to his mother. He may have the habit of always consulting his mother for most of the matters. Here wife feels hurt when some very personal matters are also being discussed by husband with his mother. She finds herself cheated.

Mother-in-law should know her imitations. Though she has the right to offer her guidance to newly wed but unnecessary meddling will create only problems. They should keep some distance and allow the married couple to under the world from their own perception.

On the other hand, wife feels pleasure in challenging her mother-in-law. This habit should be stopped. She has to adjust herself in the totally new environment of her husband's house. Gradually, she can understand the nature of every family member and can adjust herself accordingly. Her situation is totally different from that of mother-in-law. She is going to her mother-in-law's house to start a new life? So, it may take sometime to make the adjustments. In some family matters particularly relating to traditions she has to take advice from her mother-in-law. The best way is to keep distance. If that is not possible, mother-in-law should be expert to communicate with their children and should discard the habit of meddling. She should wait for the time when daughter-in-law herself moves first to seek her advice. Even if daughter-in-law is not expert in house hold chores; she should not be ill treated. Give daughter-in-law time to change herself. Some mother-in-laws are very tactful and handle the situation very carefully without creating any problem. They do not interfere in her son's married life and often visit him to maintain the relations.

Mothers have natural instinct to be possessive. If a wife keeps herself in the same situation, she can easily understand the nature of mother-in-law and find it easier to adjust herself and overcome the feeling of jealous with mother-in-law.

Yes, if situation is becoming more serious, the boundaries should be set and do not wait till that time when you have to let your husband choose between you and her mother.

Respect your in-laws. This is a tricky matter to maintain healthy relations. Parents want to be respected. This is their right because they are the parents of your husband.

Wifes, who criticize their in-laws, do not get due respect even in their own parental house. There her brother's wife may not like her presence for longer time. Wife should not offer her comments on the attitude of in-laws. It is better to keep mum and let the husband handle the situation. Rather she should show her concern on their health and other problems.

Age related health and other problems are to be faced by everyone. The children should not forget the fact that they would also age and also may require the attention of their own children in old age. Never forget this. If parents are financially weak, always help them in possible manner. This is the duty of children.

Horoscope can also indicate the relations with in-laws. In a horoscope, seventh house indicate the house of spouse. Fourth house from seventh i.e. tenth house belongs to mother-in-law. Nature of planets posited there may indicate the nature of mother-in-law. Likewise fourth house of a horoscope shows nature of father-in-law and ninth house, the nature of brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws.

In this way the relations with in-laws can be studies through a horoscope.

Chances of Love Marriage in Horoscope

Love marriages are not new to the Indian Society. There are numerous instances in the history when boy married the girl of his choice or vice versa. In modern Indian Society, love marriages are becoming popular and are also being accepted by various communities. Due to modernization of Indian society and lack of social matrimonial services, such marriages are being acknowledged by major portion of educated urban society and such marriages have proved their success and worth in most of the cases.

In arrange marriage love appears on the scene only after marriage. However, love marriage offers an opportunity to the lovers to know each other before marriage. Love before marriage can be well used as a tool to know and test the capabilities to live together with each other i.e. to know also the shortcomings of each other and potential to adjust with the same. If these traits are tested before hand tactfully, love marriage will be a success.

But out of both lovers who will declare the results whether the other is capable of living together for the whole life. Love is said to be blind. Lovers may not be able to see shortcoming of each other or may not like to consider it as they are blind in love. Or due to physical attraction they may ignore other equally important aspects of life. Here, the elders of the family should be taken in confidence as their experience, advice and guidance may prove to be fruitful. Astrology can also throw light on this subject.

According to Hindu Astrology, favorable combination of benefic planets helps to marry the person he loves.

Astrologically, fifth house in a horoscope represents love and romance. Seventh house belongs to spouse, Relation between fifth house lord and seventh house lord during transit may result in love marriage. This relation may be through exchange of lords of respective houses or through aspect. Marriage will be stable if this combination has the aspect of benefice planets mainly Jupiter. In case of malefic aspect marriage may be troublesome. Lack of faith in relations may end in the court cases. Malefic planets like Rahu, Mars or Saturn may bring disharmony and ultimately break in relations.

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is the planet of love. Romance is indicated in a horoscope when Venus is in union with the Ascendant and is placed in one of these house i.e. 5th, 7th, and 11th house. How to look in horoscope whether the native will have love marriage or arranged marriage? 5th house symbolizes love and romance and the seventh house marriage. If there is any combination between the lords of these two houses, love marriage will take place whenever the benefic planets aspect them in transit.

Navamansha Kundali have its own importance while looking the marriage status. Results wills be favorable if any of auspicious planetary combination is formed there. In planets, Venus itself is sufficient for love marriage if well placed and being aspected by benefic planets.

Apart from Ascendant and Navamansha, Chandra Kundli should also be analyzed.

Benefic planets in 5th or 7th house and their lord with strong Venus is the key for a successful love marriage. Still it is advisable to consult an astrologer for a smooth and happy love-married life.

Divorce is a really Curse in Married Life

Divorce indicates a horrifying experience and situation which almost all societies in the world denounce.

In other words, we may describe divorce as end of marriage or death of marriage. Divorce is legal separation of husband and wife that brings an end to the married life as well as to the vows spouses took before sacred fire (In Hindu Marriages) and gathering of relatives of both the sides at the time of marriage. It closes the chapter of their marriage for ever. A promise the husband and wife made earlier to be loyal and faithful to each other forever is being broken. However, conditions and procedure of divorce differs from society to society, culture to culture etc.

Though number of divorce cases is increasing in Indian metro cities, but due to social and religious obligations, divorce rate is still quite low in India when it is compared with western countries. One important fact has been experienced by the experts in a latest study where it has been established that arranged marriages have lower rate of divorce as compared to love marriages.

Due to religious bent, family/social bonding and uphold of traditional values, divorce is still considered unwanted in India. Instead of running to the Courts for divorce, the elders of the families of both sides still prefer to sit together for mutual accord and sort out the differences mutually for wellbeing of the family. They preferably force husband and wife to sort out their difference and compromise to avoid the severe consequences of the divorce.

Legally, certain grounds have been notified by the Law for separation and ground of divorce under Hindu Marriage Act which includes any kind of sexual relationship outside marriage, cruelty and inflicting physical injury, conversion of religion by any one of them, mental or venereal illness, desertion by any of the spouses for at least two years etc etc. This is a long list indeed. This is very complicated procedure and lot of proof and details are required to get divorce through Courts. Grounds for divorce differ from religion to religion in India.

Western and advance countries have the highest rate of divorce. May be, the commitment and seriousness required for a stable married-life relationship is not so strong. Lack of social pressure and bent towards physical attraction may have contributed to this awful situation increasing alarming rate of divorce in those countries.

Whatsoever may be the reason, the higher rate of divorce indicates the lack of social, cultural and traditional values as well as insufficiency of mutual understanding and faith in each other. Such people consider marriage as fun and to be tried with.

Divorce is a horrifying state of affairs. Anyone of the spouse or both of them may or may not feel the pinch of divorce, but the children, if any, feel the worst impact of divorce during their life time. The innocents may never understand why their mother and father have separated. They feel the scar of negligence on their tender heart. They suffer the pain of being isolated by the parents. Most of them suffer from severe depression and stress. Emotionally they feel disturbed and they become prone to commit crime and develop personality disorders.

Father is considered rule-maker and discipline enforcing main figure in the family. In this context, it has also been observed that fatherless children easily fall prey to criminals and social elements.

Divorce affects both the parties financially and socially. Amount of income they had when as a couple generally dips down influencing children's education and their other activities. Lack of the father's presence greatly scratches the son's self-esteem and confidence. Daughter feels lack of protection in every field of life.

Though it is not difficult to identify who is responsible for the divorce. Whose behavior or attitude and actions are accountable for the break of marriage? There may be lack of mental compatibility and thought pattern between the two. Or some habits or actions of anyone may irritate the other partner to such an extent that one has no option but to opt for divorce.

When both wife and husband fight to exercise their rights and have lack of tolerance and understanding, such situation arises.

In India, dowry system is also one of the reasons responsible for harassment of brides which often results in divorce. Though a strict law has been enforced in India to check the harassment cases of dowry yet misuse of this law in India is not uncommon.

Astrology has important role to play in such situation. In Indian Astrology, it is customary to match the horoscopes in advance before marriage. Marriage life problems can to some extent be avoided or reduced by matching the horoscopes of boys and girls in advance.

Mars, Saturn, Sun, Dragon's Head (Rahu) and Dragon's Tail (Ketu) have adverse effect on marriage if these planets are associated with seventh house or its lord. Particularly, Mars has very destructive role if posited adversely in a horoscope.

Apart from counseling, astrological help should also be taken from a learned astrologer to solve the married life problems which may have caused due to adverse placement of planets in the horoscopes. These remedies include mantra, yantra, gemstones and charity etc.

My two articles namely `Marriage Related Problem' and `Marriage Related Problem-ll' explain the causes and remedies for marriage related problems experienced by many of our readers.

May God save the world from the curse of divorce?

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