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What is Astrology

Astrology is the ancient science of verdict correlation among those of us on the Earth and the universe. It follows the patterns of association by the planets and stars and assigns meanings to them that relate to human motivation and perception. Astrology is not a simple meaning like what you read in the horoscope segment of the newspaper. A true astrological reading to takes into account not only the Sun sign (what you get in the paper), but the placements of all the planets of our solar system and sometimes other celestial bodies as well in relation to your birth time. When all these meanings are compiled, it becomes a very complex and detailed description of a person’s profile.

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Learn Indian Vedic Astrology

The olden knowledge on astrology and use of remedies can be traced backside to centuries. Jyothi means brightness or light. Ish means God. Jyotish means lord of the brightness. Vidya means understanding of a subject. Jyotish Vidya is the learn of all aspects of planets and personality-The Sun and the Moon. Jyotish Vidya (Indian Astrology) is prevalent and appropriate for the assistance to human being from time immemorial and its source can be traced to the origin of existence through the mythological and spiritual revelations. Hindu gods and their incarnations were using this knowledge as found in Hindu religion books known as epics. Likewise, we find the declaration of predictions by knowledgeable people having divine knowledge.

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How to Match a Horoscope before Marriage ?

Marriages are arranged in heaven' is an old saying. If this is true then is there any need to match the horoscopes before proceeding for the marriage. Yes, it is almost necessary because ancient saints by virtue of their knowledge have found out the factors responsible for disturbances in a married life which otherwise ought to be smooth. They have also revealed the remedial measures to bring the train back on the track.
Whenever, we go to astrologer for matching the horoscope of marriageable boy and girl, we simply ask him to confirm about the number of points (gunas) available in the horoscope of both. When the number exceeds more than 18 out of a total of 36, we become sure that matching is satisfactory. More the numbers more the satisfaction. We do not go beyond that except the Manglik Dosh. Even most of the astrologers generally approve this theory and nod for the marriage. But practically, this is not the only criteria for a successful marriage, I my self have seen the lack…

Separation Doesn't Mean End of Love

Yes, this may sound strange, but it has been noticed that couples have commonly soft corner for each other and hidden sweet memories of their past lives they have lived together. Spontaneous decision at the heat of the moment may force a person to declare, "I do not love you anymore" or "I am leaving." but soon he or she may perceive that this announcement has disturbed every aspect of their lives and now they may be speculating if they can keep their cool and balance. Of course reason of separation may be anything-doubt, confusion or misunderstanding- if you find yourself in such unwanted situation; you might be feeling scared and confused, not knowing what to do next. And the truth is that you are not alone. You will find lot of other people who are not willing to discuss this problem openly with others and are totally indecisive 'I do not know what to do. My marriage boat is rocking. It can sink any moment?
List of reasons for getting separated may be quite…

Marriage and Relationship Problems

With the advancement of education and technology, the numbers of marriage related problems have also increased manifolds. Main reason which contributes to this problem is high expectations from married life in terms of materialistic approach.The following problems are generally experienced in the married life of a couple:
 Lack of mental compatibility i.e. lack of understanding between the two;
Delay in marriage
Husband harassing the woman on one or other context
Woman not obedient i.e. creating unnecessary atmosphere
Man may be physically weak
Woman may have problem in conceiving
Man may have understanding with his wife but not with his In-laws.
Woman may not like to live with her in-laws;
There is understanding between husband and wife but they are not living together i.e. man has to go far away for earning the bread
There is understanding between the two, but due to feeble financial position, woman is not happy
I shall now discuss the importance of seventh house in interpreting the…

What are the remedies to early marriage or avoid delaying in marriage

Maa Katyani Vrat for Early Marriage
One of our readers has desired to know the method of worshiping Maa Katyaani who is the giver of married life bliss. Our readers may also like to know the same.
The general purpose of Maa Katyaani Pooja is to pray the Goddess for the early or timely marriage of an individual mostly girl. Even the boy who is facing such problems is suggested to perform this puja to get the favorable results.
There are enormous reasons for a delayed marriage in a horoscope- may it be Manglik dosh or debilitated seventh house, a weak Jupiter or aspect of malefic planets on the seventh house or on Jupiter and so on. Even the married couples facing problems in their married life are recommended to perform this Puja to resolve their problems.
It is said that Katyani Vrat was done by Rukmini and she got Lord Krishna as her husband after completion of the Udyapana.
This Vrata is performed for seven consecutive Tuesdays. A photograph of Maa Katyani is placed at a sacred pla…

In-Laws Problem in Marriage / Marital life

My mother-in-law always interferes in our personal matters`
My mother-in-law has ruined our married life`
My husband always listen to my mother-in-law, it appears I have no place in taking any important decision of my own life`
These are the common comments of daughter-in-laws we often hear. Even son, sometimes, unwillingly complains about his mother's dominating behavior which changes substantially after his marriage. This is really a critical situation for many newly married couples. The daughter-in-law, who is totally new member in her law's house, fails to collect enough courage to speak against the atrocities of her mother-in- law. Son, on the other hand, finds it very embarrassing to speak against his own mother in the presence of his wife and other family members. The couple has to bear it silently unless the situation becomes explosive. In such cases, the relations are adversely effected. In some case, the excess meddling of in-laws become the cause of divorce. In cou…

Chances of Love Marriage in Horoscope

Love marriages are not new to the Indian Society. There are numerous instances in the history when boy married the girl of his choice or vice versa. In modern Indian Society, love marriages are becoming popular and are also being accepted by various communities. Due to modernization of Indian society and lack of social matrimonial services, such marriages are being acknowledged by major portion of educated urban society and such marriages have proved their success and worth in most of the cases.
In arrange marriage love appears on the scene only after marriage. However, love marriage offers an opportunity to the lovers to know each other before marriage. Love before marriage can be well used as a tool to know and test the capabilities to live together with each other i.e. to know also the shortcomings of each other and potential to adjust with the same. If these traits are tested before hand tactfully, love marriage will be a success.
But out of both lovers who will declare the resul…

Divorce is a really Curse in Married Life

Divorce indicates a horrifying experience and situation which almost all societies in the world denounce.
In other words, we may describe divorce as end of marriage or death of marriage. Divorce is legal separation of husband and wife that brings an end to the married life as well as to the vows spouses took before sacred fire (In Hindu Marriages) and gathering of relatives of both the sides at the time of marriage. It closes the chapter of their marriage for ever. A promise the husband and wife made earlier to be loyal and faithful to each other forever is being broken. However, conditions and procedure of divorce differs from society to society, culture to culture etc.
Though number of divorce cases is increasing in Indian metro cities, but due to social and religious obligations, divorce rate is still quite low in India when it is compared with western countries. One important fact has been experienced by the experts in a latest study where it has been established that arranged ma…